Spider Solitaire Online Free

Spider Solitaire (Four Suit)

As the name says, this is a four suit spider solitaire flash game.

From the author,

About This Game:

Spider is a classic game of patience and one of my personal favorites. The game is a good mix of strategy, observation and luck; in particular care must be taken with the use of spaces. A skilful player will complete this game fairly frequently, but a new player to this game may find the it takes time to master!

There are many variants of spider, ranging from simple variations in the number of cards dealt initially to simplifications involving using only one or two suits. There are one pack variations too, such as spiderette.



Aim: To build sequences from king to ace in suit in the table and move them to foundations.


Cards can be moved according to the following rules:

  • Only a complete sequence from king to ace can be placed on a foundation.
  • Cards are staked in the table in descending rank order regardless of suit. However, a sequence of cards can only be moved if all cards are the same suit.
  • Spaces can be filled with any card or sequence of cards of the same suit.
  • At any time, you can click on the deck to deal a card onto each of the ten columns.