Spider Solitaire Online Free

Spider Solitaire (Four Suit)

As the name says, this is a four suit spider solitaire flash game. From the author, About This Game: Spider is a classic game of patience and one of my personal favorites. The game is a good mix of strategy, observation and luck; in particular care must be taken with the use of spaces. A […]

Wasp Solitaire

The goal of Wasp solitaire is to build each suit form Ace to King, and then move it to the foundation. You can play cards of the same suit, of one lower in sequence, on other cards.  You can move several cards, as long as they are all in sequence and the last card moves […]

Treasure Trove Solitaire

Treasure Trove Solitaire is a clean, nice looking game. The graphics are quit pleasing to look at as you play.   To play you will have to know the rules. The rules are a bit confusing sounding, but just play the game you will figure it out. You can find the rules below, and also […]

Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid solitaire is a fun game to play, and a great game to play for a break from spider solitaire.   This game has very nice graphics, and smooth game play.   The goal is to move all cards to the foundation.   You can send any two cards, if their sum is 13. Therefore, […]

Solitaire Spider

This is a classic spider solitaire game, using one suit(spades). Remove the cards by stacking them from K to A. You can move any sequenced cards. Click the deck on the lower right to deal new cards, you cannot deal new cards when there are empty columns. This game only has one level and once […]

iSpider Solitaire

iSpider Solitaire is a great game, that is very fun to play.   You have three levels easy, medium and hard.   Easy Level: The easy level uses one suit, spades. It is the easiest level and can be a lot of fun. You will want to start on this level if you have never […]